10 Amazing Things to do during a Pomodoro Break

  1. Short Walk
    A short walk gives me a sense of relaxation. The physical movement fills me up with energy and prevents me from sitting for long. Short walks have their own benefits.
  2. Listening to Book Summary
    I love getting introduced to new ideas. One of the ways I do it is through books. In the interest of time, I prefer reading or listening to the summaries of great books. Usually the summaries are divided into chapters. Therefore, in pomodoro break I finish a chapter and reserve the next chapters for next break. Some people prefer listening to songs too.
  3. Clean-up/ Organizing
    Decluttering the workspace increases the concentration and hence the productivity. It is always a good idea to use the pomodoro break for organizing files, papers and making the place neat and tidy.
  4. Stretching
    Can anything else be better than giving yourself a good stretch after sitting too much? I keep a list of stretching exercises ready so that I can quickly perform them all.
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Kre8ive Quill

I am a blogger and freelance content writer. Kre8ive Quill is my psuedonym.